Sir Ben Kingsley Predicts Another Holocaust
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Among the many types of explosives that can be purchased by online buyers at the Iranian Defense Ministry Export site—reputedly with only a Visa card—are TNT, Hexogen, (RDX), Composition A, Composition B, Composition C4, Hexal, Torpex, Cyclotol, HMX, PETN, and other explosive components and weapons systems.

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Iranian C4-explosive product description.

It is less than shocking that the Iranian munitions export site does not allow prospective users from America, Iraq, or Syria to register. Curiously enough, it seems to accept users from the United Kingdom.

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Iran allows residents of the United Kingdom to register to buy explosives.

For a nation that claims not have any involvement in encouraging terror attacks, the Iranian government sure seems to make it easy to order some of the most powerful military explosives available with the just the click of a mouse.

Bob Owens covers American politics, media bias, and foreign military affairs from Raleigh, North Carolina in his personal blog, Confederate Yankee.