Terror Supporter Jeremy Corbyn Is the Monster UK's Liberal Establishment Deserves

A great many of them are the same people who, after the Conservatives came to power in coalition with the Liberal Democrats in 2010, spent the next five years leading the “resistance” to David Cameron’s government. They regularly took to the streets of London to smash up banks and Starbucks coffee shops, to battle the police, and to vandalize public buildings and monuments. The defining moment of this movement came when, during one post-election riot, the words “F*** Tory scum” were daubed on a memorial to women who served during World War Two.

While the establishment liberals paid lip service to condemning the thuggery, the extremists served a useful purpose, creating the illusion of widespread social breakdown, popular opposition, and mass uprisings against a heartless and out-of-touch Tory government. Of course, it was the same few thousand activists at every rally and riot.

While they couldn’t possibly condone violence and vandalism, the elites explained more in sorrow than anger, this was the inevitable result of the divisions created by Cameron and his policies of austerity. These passionate young people sort of had a point, they were just going about expressing it in the wrong way and only a Labour government could heal the nation’s wounds.

Labour leader Ed Miliband played to the rabble in the run-up to the May election, thinking he could harness their energy to boost his faltering campaign. Once he was safely in office, he could revert to the elites’ preferred brand of respectable, don’t-frighten-the-horses brand of liberalism. As I wrote in the aftermath of the election, he made “Tory scum” politics respectable again.

It was the left’s good cop/bad cop routine, but it backfired.

The mob wasn’t supposed to get involved in actual party politics, but that’s what happened. The liberal left nurtured a monster it can no longer control. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Ron Radosh made the inevitable comparison between Corbyn and Bernie Sanders. Corbyn’s victory is the equivalent of Sanders being swept into the White House by Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and Planned Parenthood.

Now Labour is stuck with him. Remember, it took Tony Blair 18 years to make the party credible again.

For now, the only people happier than the Corbynistas are Cameron and his Conservative Party. Tory MPs can now look forward to taking a few days’ holiday ahead of the next general election in 2020, when they might otherwise have been fighting for their political lives.