Ten Reasons Why McCain Could Still Win

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The media is telling voters, especially Republican voters, that the presidential race is over. The handwriting is on the wall. The fat lady is singing. Don't even bother to vote.

But wait, isn't there an election next week? After all this, don't voters have a choice?

Well, the MSM would like us to believe that no, a threshold has been crossed and Barack Obama already has those electoral votes. Not quite, though. Not yet.

Sure, there is less than a week to go and, as of this writing, there is not a single national poll showing John McCain in the lead. But the race isn't over. And there are some pretty good reasons, ten that come to mind actually, as to why the contest is not a foregone conclusion.

First, the daily tracking polls are tightening. You see lots more "4s" and "5s" and many fewer "8s," "9s," and "10s." That means voters aren't yet fixed on a choice. It also means Obama hasn't closed the sale.

Second, some polls show that seven to ten percent of the voters are still undecided. Even Obama partisans (like the MSNBC analysts) concede that the vast majority of these voters could well be McCain supporters, or at least "No-Bama" voters. If Obama is below 50% going into the election, that may signal a late breaking surge for McCain, much the same way Al Gore in 2000 enjoyed a final weekend tilt (largely because of breaking news about George W. Bush's past DUI).

Third, no one really has a clue as to who is going to show up to vote. Gallup threw in the towel and has three turnout models. If those college kids all turn out it may be a short and sad evening for McCain. But if they decide to go partying instead, and/or if Sarah Palin has tapped into the conservative base (like Bush did in 2004) it will be a long and hopeful night for McCain.