Ted Cruz's Principles Are America's Principles

Donald Trump purports to be an outsider who wants to give the “forgotten man” a seat at the table -- though he has been cutting deals at that table his entire life.

Ted Cruz wants to flip the table over, fire/primary everyone sitting at it, and sell it off to pay down the national debt.

This is the fundamental choice Republicans face: support a continuation of the dealmaking, establishment status quo masquerading under the banner of “Make America Great Again,” a populist nationalism led by a Putin-admiring strongman surrounded by Putin proponents; or support a truly radical outsider who wants to dramatically shrink the size and scope of government, advance liberty, and conserve the principles on which the country was founded.

Who should be the standard-bearer of the Republican Party? If we seek to protect and preserve freedom, to whom should we entrust the positions of chief executive and commander-in-chief?

Donald Trump spent much of his life as a Democrat, handing millions of dollars to the very candidates who not only grew government but supported the policies Trump now rails against. He has chalked these campaign contributions up to being a “cost of business” -- that is, he claims you simply must pay off politicians to get things done. If there was no ideological basis for his contributions, the best one can say is that Trump chose to sell out the country to progressive Democrats for his own personal gain. For decades.

Are we to believe that he now sincerely wishes to absolve himself of these sins?

Trump’s positions themselves are transparently not conservative. They are based more in temperament -- toughness, strength, extracting a pound of flesh -- than they are in the ideology represented by the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Trump wants to build a wall and deport 11 million illegal immigrants -- but then he wants to provide amnesty to the vast majority of them, “the good ones,” quickly thereafter.

He supports protectionist trade policies -- levying tariffs that represent a massive tax on all manner of goods purchased by Americans. He is for leaving entitlements, the massive welfare state under which the federal budget will ultimately collapse, alone.

He is for socialized medicine, just not Obamacare.

Trump is for pushing people out of their homes if a developer can use the land to generate more tax revenue through the liberal use of eminent domain.

He wants America to extricate itself from the world -- but he also wants to destroy ISIS. He will be “neutral” between the Israelis and the Arabs.

He believes that if abortion were outlawed, women would need to be punished for having them -- precisely the position Leftists incorrectly think a conservative would take. Trump then flopped on the issue. He also supports Planned Parenthood.

These views are “heterodox,” if utterly inconsistent on their face, because they are not based on the set of coherent unifying principles called conservatism.