Team Obama, Megalomaniacs

Typically when one thinks of megalomania, one thinks in terms of delusions of greatness or wealth. However, the American Heritage Dictionary also includes the definition of a "psycho-pathological feeling of omnipotence."

Omnipotence -- knowing all, understanding all, knowing far more than the rest of us proles -- is precisely one of the major problems with the Obama administration. With them scrapping being the world's superpower for bowing and scraping before kings and emperors, we have entered a period in which the supposed omnipotence of this administration is going to get some of us killed.

Mr. Obama ran for the presidency in part on the premise that the Bush administration had trashed our relations with other countries, in particular with the Islamic world. Despite warnings (and subsequent scorn) from a variety of sources, Mr. Obama went on his now-infamous "apology tour" and proclaimed that, in contrast to the Bush administration, the Obama administration was Muslim-friendly. As PJM author Andie Brownlow noted in "It’s Time to Put the Political Axes Down":

Part of the quagmire of our Middle East relations stems from strategic moves during the Cold War (and our uncanny ability to tip the scales to our disadvantage no matter whose side we take). Our other problem is that some of those same Muslim factions just have a deep desire to … kill us (see cultural “imperialism.”) Also, here’s a transcript from an excellent interview with the president of Muslims Against Sharia that speaks to the same point about what drives those hate-filled Muslim factions.

No matter what your opinion is on how our war with radical Islam started, our current situation is our reality now. Jihad has been declared on America by Islamofascists, and it is literally going to be us or them from here on out.

And that war has current real-time consequences with the potential to be as harmful as another 9/11.