Tea Partying for Freedom

"This today isn't about Republicans and Democrats. It's about freedom and liberty."

Rush Limbaugh

Ascertaining the differences between right and left in America has never been easier. The tea party events held on April 15 showcased vividly the vast chasm that exists between the left's political spin and reality. The turnout for the "taxed enough already" protests was vast and occurred in over 700 cities. I attended the Chicago gathering at Federal Plaza. Contrary to the media's collective opinion, it was peaceful and inspired. About two thousand folks, many of whom held signs, cameras, and placards, conveyed to passersby the feelings that conservatives have about where the country's headed.

To attendees, the driving force behind participation is governmental obesity. It is time to put the federal budget on a regimen of drastic reduction. The federocracy functions as an "imperial aristocracy" and is rarely responsive to our needs. We propose; the nobles dispose.

The first response of politicians to budget shortfalls is to raise taxes and never propose cuts in spending. There is no accountability in Washington, D.C. Program after program is financed and no methodology exists by which to assess their effectiveness.

Thus, no matter how counterproductive an agency's impact, the bureaus expand and never contract. In the words of Ronald Reagan, "the closest thing to eternal life that we have here on Earth is a federal program."

Times are dire ... unless you work for the government. The nation's unemployment rate is 8.5 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the public sector thrives at the expense of the private sector. Further, "according to the BLS, the private sector lost an estimated 3.65 million jobs in 2008, but government jobs increased by nearly 150,000 in the same time period."

Tea partiers are fed up with statistics like those along with being led by statist sleepwalkers. It's time to question the madness and that is what we did on Wednesday. Granted, dysfunctionality is a bipartisan affair. RINOs have contaminated the reputation of the right as a Grand Old Spending Party marred the early years of this century.

Grassroots outrage metastasized during the fall of 2008 as a product of the Bush-Paulson bailout psychosis. The executive and legislative branches created TARP and lifted $700 billion from our pockets. Egregiously, no one is even sure how much money remains from the original fund.

The inauguration of Barack Obama exacerbated conditions. His "spread the wealth around" mentality and politics of confiscation are undeniably "a philosophy of violence and coercion." Redistribution is only possible if equity is first stolen from its rightful owners.

Obama's budget will put us $9.3 trillion in debt over the next decade, a debacle that will make the deficit four times greater than the one inflated by George W. Bush. Moreover, President Obama's "stimulus plan" has nothing to do with stimulating the economy and everything to do with generational theft. Plans are even on the table to expand TARP to include life insurance companies.

Government unfunded liabilities are comprised of "accrued civilian and military retirement benefits; unfunded, promised Social Security and Medicare benefits; and other financial obligations" which amount to more than $53 trillion. Our country could use some of his promised "change" in regards to this unsustainable spending but instead we hear lies about cutting taxes.