Tea Party Pins Hopes on Louisiana Challenger After Senate Primary Defeats

The Madison Project is another PAC supporting Maness. Daniel Horowitz, its policy director, said Maness can provide a similar challenge to Cassidy that McDaniel gave incumbent Cochran in Mississippi, pushing him to the runoff stage.

“Republican voters now recognize that McDaniel clearly won the Republican vote, but was stymied by our own party leadership’s insidious and possibly illegal tactics to overpower them with Democrat votes,” said Horowitz. “We are seeing some voters who previously gave the establishment the benefit of the doubt now realize that they fundamentally do not share our values and are not committed to fighting for conservative values like Rob Maness will do if he wins.”

Palin’s endorsement seemed to help as Maness announced in a June 23 press release that he raised over $1 million. He said the average donation was about $50.

Maness raised $760, 175 according to the March 31 figures from the website opensecets.org. Cassidy raised $6,394,560 and Landrieu raised $11,324,447.

“He’s watched career politicians put the American dream in peril and is running to restore the certainty of prosperity for future generations and return power to the people, where the founders intended it to be,” said Mannes’s press secretary Jon Meadows in an email.

While Maness had renewed support from a high-profile figure, Cassidy has also been getting endorsements.

He received endorsements from both the Jefferson and St. Tammany Republican Parish Executive Committees and the host of the show Gun Talk, Tom Gresham.

“This has been a tremendous week for our campaign,” said Cassidy. “We received endorsements from both St. Tammany and Jefferson RPEC’s and one of the foremost leaders in the fight to protect the Second Amendment. On gun rights, Obamacare, immigration, and almost every other issue, Sen. Landrieu is far out of sync with our state’s values.”

Cassidy received his third Republican Parish Executive Committee endorsement during the last week of June in Rapides Parish.

Cassidy, who has served in the House since 2009, also has the endorsement of the Louisiana Republican Party and the Terrebonne Republican Parish Executive Committee.

The latest Real Clear Politics polling average has Landrieu topping all of her challenges in the open primary, but Cassidy edging her out in a runoff. Maness pulls in just 5.5 percent.

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