UPDATED: Tea Party Crashers: Not Quite Understanding the Assignment

Pajamas Media and PJTV are relying on citizen-journalists around the nation to collect photo and video evidence of groups and individuals attempting to crash the Tax Day tea parties being held across the United States. We've already received early reports of sightings from yesterday's events in Boston and Washington, D.C.

The results sent in so far indicate that tea party crasher efforts range from uninspired to unintentionally ironic.

Apparently lost upon the mostly college-aged protesters: for their false flag operation to work, they must blend in to the group, and then display signs that cast the tea party group at large as bigoted or racist.

Stoutcat at Grand Rants sent in the following examples of crashers in Boston who didn't quite understand their assignment:

"Generic Angry Slogan."

"Rabble rabble." Same young lady, different generic failure to be ironic.

One of the friends of generic girl, captured on camera by Amy LaViolette. No one doubted her sign.