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Tea Partiers Get Valuable Lesson from ... David Axelrod

As a true narcissist, Obama believes his glowing press. He seeks to go down in history as the man who delivered the plum of America to the international socialist collective, or at least pushed us past the point of no return. He will stop at nothing less. Liberty is a revolting principle to the president who brings shackles wrapped as gifts.

Liberty? We don’t need no stinkin’ liberty!

Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!

John McCain’s fatal mistake in the election was his failure to see his opponent for the socialist zealot he is, which all of Obama’s prior history and chosen associations revealed. Sarah Palin, to her everlasting credit, did not make this mistake. That Palin sees through Obama, and has from the beginning, would seem to be behind liberals’ shrill fear of her. She evokes spine-tingling, quaking-in-their-Gucci-pumps kind of fear in every big government nanny and in the whole host of media’s leftist pimps.

Tea partiers must cling unflinchingly to this clear revelation about Obama, and never be taken in by seemingly conciliatory moves he might make or speeches he might give, and march all the way to irrevocable victory.

If they are taken in the way John McCain was, then all is truly lost.

Having spent a good deal of time with tea partying patriots, I do not see them as easily fooled, however. A very wise group they appear to be. Whether highly educated or not so much, tea partiers on the whole have the one thing so many on the left, and especially in this particular administration, lack: real-world experience.

Barack Obama and his minions have unleashed and called to rhetorical arms a veritable legion of the kind of folks they probably didn’t even know existed a year ago. These are Americans who prefer liberty over the luxury of a government-guaranteed life of mooching off the labors of others.

Silent majority? Well, not any more.

Dumb rednecks? Now, there’s a laugh.

The only reason this far-left administration and its media mouthpieces don’t respect the tea partiers is that they hold the partiers’ all-American virtues in such virulent disdain.

Among the hundred or so tea partiers I’ve spoken with, many are industrious entrepreneurs, who have built successful small businesses from the very ground up, starting with nothing more than a high school diploma or a state-school bachelor’s degree and a lot of good old-fashioned common sense and a strong work ethic. A sizeable lot of the ones I’ve interviewed have military backgrounds and possess the unfaltering self-discipline that is the everlasting hallmark of time spent in the service.

Many of the tea party leaders I’ve personally met are homemakers. Women who are proficient chief executive officers of the homefront and born to multi-task. One ought never underestimate the power of a woman, who can hold a baby on her hip while making sack lunches with one hand and arranging a venue for her next anti-big-government demonstration using her Bluetooth. These women are so used to juggling three or four important tasks at one time that they ought to be profiled as the unsung heroines of every American success story. The tea parties are only one such success.

All in all, I would have to say that in these armies of all-American patriots, David Axelrod and his president have found the shock of their political lives. And now that Axelrod has given tea partiers a golden glimpse into the true mindset of his president, Americans know the stakes. It’s a contest that will be written about for a hundred years.

A modern King George wannabe vs. the American patriots.

I’m betting on the self-disciplined, overflowing-with-common-sense, determined-down-to-their-bones, hard-working patriots.