Tea Partiers Get Valuable Lesson from ... David Axelrod

As the Tea Party Express rolls across the country, drawing crowds of thousands at every stop, a golden lesson has dropped in their laps from above.

This priceless gem was delivered by David Axelrod as he did an ObamaCare post-passage interview on the Democrats’ blitzkrieg strategy. Just hours after the House vote, Axelrod gave an interview to the Huffington Post (one of Axelrod’s sons is an editor), and he let his guard down enough to gift all Americans with a glimpse into the true soul of this administration.

Speaking of inside-the-White-House deliberations in the immediate aftermath of the Scott Brown victory, Axelrod noted:

Some of the steam went out of the opposition after that [Brown’s victory]. ... I think that people felt like they had made a statement. Perhaps they felt like they had killed health care reform ... They thought the fight was over. And that [the president] couldn't now succeed. I do believe that. And it is almost as if they had made the statement that they thought they had stopped the thing. And so it created a breathing space for us to regroup.

In this brief moment of candor lies the most crucial enlightenment the people are going to get from this administration:

-- Barack Obama considers this a revolution against the pillars of American liberty, and nothing short of absolute, ignominious defeat in all branches of the federal government is going to dissuade his revolutionary zeal. Tea partiers winning a battle here and there is a pesky thorn in his side -- nothing more. Barack Obama has declared this a fight to the very end.

With this sort of leadership, either liberalism must now suffer a decisive and complete defeat, wherein even its proponents begin to hide their heads in shame and remorse forevermore, or socialism will continue its march. There is no in-between, no compromise, and no turning back.

-- The will of the majority means nothing to this president.

Fence-sitting Americans must forcefully rid themselves of the notion that this president believes in majority-rule democracy. By his Chicago-way, thug-tactics victory in the health care battle, he has clearly shown his own stripes, those of a determined revolutionary without regard for the will of the people.

No fight, whether civil or uncivil, has ever been won without knowing one’s enemy and his true objectives. David Axelrod, in his moment of partisan candor (he was speaking to his comrades at the Huffington Post), has just given Americans all they need to know in the coming struggles.