Tea Are The World

Emmy-winning TV producer Norvell Rose informed me that he and his son, Conner, both in Virginia, would be arriving at the recording session to produce a music video and a “Making of Tea Are The World” documentary -- all for FREE. Both the video and the documentary are now included on the DVD included in the Tea Are The World package.

Professional distributor Tom Horn offered to distribute Tea Are The World FREE of charge.

Singer Lisa Scott Kelly joined Debbie Lee to shake the trees and find funds for manufacturing, our only expense. Everything has been donated.

Rev. Minion told me how his wife Danielle, a professional graphic designer, got involved. Upon hearing about Tea Are The World on the news, Danielle said, “Honey, I feel I am supposed to help these people." Danielle Minion designed the Tea Are The World package and promotional materials. She did all of the production artwork work needed to prepare the package for manufacturing. And she donated her services FREE of charge.

Now here is the kicker. After Danielle committed to our project, she became pregnant. Of her three pregnancies, this one has been the worst; she was sick almost very day. Then, Danielle's project files became corrupted. Rev. Minion said that in Danielle's years in the business, never have so many things impeded her ability to complete a project.

But here it is. Folks, I am pleased and grateful to announce that Tea Are The World is completed, beautifully packaged, and available for purchase, praise God.

Please do not think I am dissing other fundraisers by simply stating a fact. With some, when the dust clears, as little as 10% goes to the charity. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Tea Are The World go to the benefits bestowed upon the families of our fallen soldiers by AmericasMightyWarriors.org.

Because of the sacrifices of our military, which include brave women and men like Charles Durning and Marc Alan Lee, we are blessed to enjoy Memorial Day cookouts with our families. Please remember the families of our fallen soldiers.

Happy Memorial Day!