Take the Quiz: Who Said It ... Margaret Sanger or Ayn Rand?


Few individuals reflect the ideological schism in America more so than Margaret Sanger and Ayn Rand. Both were towering and polarizing figures during the twentieth century, and their influence continues to hold powerful sway over their contemporary disciples who represent the two sides of America’s growing political divide. One woman is the patron saint of liberal ethics for Planned Parenthood and progressives the country over; the other is the ideological darling of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and many who self-identify as tea partiers. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are proud recipients of the Margaret Sanger Award – Planned Parenthood’s highest honor; Glenn Beck has a cameo in the latest film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand's famous novel.

It’s no wonder that mentioning either Margaret Sanger or Ayn Rand prompts entrenched, passionate responses from many people. Sanger and Rand’s voices reflect many of the most cherished or hated ideals held by both sides. Considering how polar opposite their ideologies are, it should be easy to determine which lady said what. And this is good news, since there is a quiz, of sorts, below.

I have listed sixteen quotes, some from Margaret Sanger and some from Ayn Rand. See if you can guess which quote belongs to which woman; the answers are at the bottom of the article. As an aid, keep in mind that Hillary Clinton reveres Margaret Sanger while Rush Limbaugh holds Ayn Rand in high esteem. While reading the quotes, ask yourself, “Would Hillary Clinton or would Rush Limbaugh agree with this?”

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