Surprise! Sequestration Cuts Overshot By $5 Billion

Math is hard.

The White House budget office is recalculating how to apply automatic spending cuts for a handful of agencies, freeing up almost $4 billion for the Pentagon and another $1 billion or so for Homeland Security Department and NASA.

Capitol Hill aides familiar with the White House changes say the administration has identified almost $5 billion in cuts that can be restored under its reading of the arcane budget rules governing the across-the-board cuts, known as sequestration. The calculations would restore $5 billion of the scheduled $85 billion in automatic sequestration cuts.

So, not only was The Idiot King's Sequester Scare Theater a complete critical and box office failure, it didn't even work for them when they cut too much.

It's also SUCH a comfort to know that there is no one handy who can properly read the rules when it's time to make big decisions.

Four more years.