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The Supreme Court Waiting Game: Defiance, Politicking, and '80s Playlist

Pockets of Tea Party Patriots were seen near the steps of the Supreme Court and toward the curb and lone conservatives wandered in and out of the union march, picking debates, but the strength of the health-care mandate's opponents grew as people who had arrived early for the Americans for Prosperity Hands Off My Health Care rally, which wasn't until 1 p.m. a couple blocks away, trickled into the protest.

"Hey, hey, ho, ho, ObamaCare has got to go," the right chanted, which was met with, "Ho, ho, hey, hey, ObamaCare is here to stay."

By the time the doors of the court opened shortly after noon, and one man gave a thumb's-up sign while walking down the steps, the law's opponents outnumbered the ObamaCare proponents.

They struck up "Walking on Sunshine" on the sound system again and resumed dancing.

"The people out here are a whole lot more rhythmic and have a lot more soul than the people in the court," a man pep-talked at a microphone.