Sudan Government Seeking to Intensify Jihad

On January 9, 2011, South Sudan votes on whether to remain part of Sudan, or, as is widely assumed, to separate and form a new, free, democratic nation of South Sudan. The Referendum on Secession was guaranteed to the South in the hard-won 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

But the marginalized and oppressed peoples of other regions of Sudan have no such guarantees. Particularly vulnerable are the “disputed regions” on the north/south border, not included in the secession vote. These regions include Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, and Abyei. In light of the South’s anticipated departure, the National Congress Party (NCP) regime is preparing to intensify the jihad elsewhere in the country. A document recently leaked, not by Julian Assange, but by courageous members of Sudan’s resistance to Islamization and Arabization, details the Khartoum regime’s agenda for the Nuba Mountain region of Southern Kordofan.

The confidential memo regarding the Nuba Mountains was sent to Ahmed Haroun, governor of Southern Kordofan, by Sudanese Vice-President Ali Osman Taha. Along with his fellow ideologue, President Omar el Bashir, Haroun is an indicted International Criminal Court criminal. Smooth-as-a-snake Taha, who charms the common sense right out of some U.S. State Department officials, is one of the ruthless architects and enforcers of Shari’a in South Sudan and Darfur. Taha’s original Arabic memo was translated into English as a cry for help for the Nuba Mountains. Its contents, speaking of various methods which will be used to radicalize the Nuba, should disturb and motivate those in the West concerned about both the spread of Islamic/Arab supremacism and about human rights in Africa.

Vice President Taha announces “quadrupled plans towards the ‘Modern Southerners.’”  The term "Modern Southerners" is a derogatory label applied to all Sudanese who oppose the NCP Islamist agenda of Shari’a. In the document, this means specifically those in the Nuba Mountain’s “liberated area” (freed from Islamic control by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) but under continuous attack by Khartoum during the war). These Nuba Mountain Modern Southerners are to be undermined and neutralized so that their infection does not spread to their children or to other areas of Sudan.

First, Taha tells Governor Haroun they must “recruit descendants of the Modern Southerners into security forces” in order to “control them through military commands.” Understand that this would not be done through bright young men in a Sudanese version of ROTC, persuading young Nuba how great it would be to serve in the Sudanese jihad. The means of attaining recruits would include abducting children and creating child soldiers through brainwashing in Islamic camps, as well as various forms of intimidation and impressment. The latter strategy has worked wonderfully well in Darfur, where a large number of the well-known janjaweed were actually pressed into service by Khartoum through threats on their families. Ironically, when these young men were able to escape, they fled to the Nuba Mountains seeking refuge.

The vice president’s second order is to “disrupt the return” of Nuba “elites” from the Diaspora to stop their political, social, and cultural influence in the region. “It is essential that they be absorbed and organized to weaken the Modern Southerners,” he says chillingly. In typical Islamic parlance, where “peace” means submission to Islam and “unity” means complete Arabization of the country, “disrupting the return” could have definite malevolent implications.

Absorption and organization is equally unsettling. During Sudan’s first genocide, in the south and in the Nuba Mountains, Khartoum’s campaign of ethnic cleansing in the Nuba Mountains included absorption and organization. In the U.S. Committee for Refugees report Quantifying Genocide in Southern Sudan and the Nuba Mountains 1983-1998, Dr. Millard Burr writes how the Islamic regime resettled over 170,000 Nuba forcibly into 91 “peace villages.” These villages were in reality prison camps enhanced by government-orchestrated famine that killed tens of thousands. Burr says that rape was also “an integral part of the government plan for Nuba.” Thousands of women transported to the peace villages were raped as part of the cultural “absorption.” This is the future that Taha plans for the Nuba.