Suburban Illinois Jews Embracing GOP

For ten years, the Democrats have controlled the state, and there is no one else to blame for the deficit. Single-party control led to obligations to the party’s special interests, and the consequences were sweetheart pension deals which the state can not possibly fulfill.

Illinois bonds have the second lowest rating of any state. The unemployment rate in Illinois is above the national average, and in Chicago it is nearly ten percent. A survey of corporate CEOs ranked Illinois 48 out of 50 in terms of business climate; only New York and California rank worse.

Illinois is a microcosm of failed Democratic policies, and Miller sees a confluence of understanding among all voters that their day-to-day economic experiences in Illinois are a consequence of Democratic policies in the extreme because of the lack of opposition. What’s happening to Jews is happening to everyone. Miller notes:

You have to understand that in this part of the world, as in so many, life is with family. Whether you’re Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant, you don’t want to see you children to grow up in a state without opportunity and move away. What I see is people are realizing that their children will have no economic opportunity here and move. When people think their grandchildren are going to be living in Texas or North Carolina because of failed economic policies, party loyalty evaporates. Here, it’s a family crisis if the grandchildren are more than fifteen minutes away.

Jews are slowly beginning to understand that compassion and social justice cannot mean a coerced transfer of the benefits of their labor to someone else. The concepts of tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (repairing the world) are moral obligations of the individual, not obligations imposed on the individual by the state. As Jews see the administrative costs of government, the debt, and the economic chaos, they are beginning to understand unrestrained leftism has nothing to do with their values. One can better repair the world by creating economic conditions where people have the opportunity to prosper.