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Student Gets Suspended for Having a Picture of a Gun on His School-Issued Computer

Yeah, we're so much more enlightened than those Puritans with their witch hysteria.

FLORENCE, AZ -  A high school student in Florence said he has been suspended because of a picture of a gun.

Daniel McClaine Jr., a freshman at Poston Butte High School, said he saved the picture as his desktop background on his school-issued computer.

A teacher noticed it and turned him in.

The picture shows an AK-47 on top of a flag.

McClaine said the school initially suspended him for three days Friday.

The kid put the photo on his computer as wallpaper. He didn't pass it around or threaten anyone. It was wallpaper. The kid doesn't even own the gun in the pic, which is an AK-47. He's interested in joining the military after high school, and thought the pic was cool.

The parents protested and eventually the school knocked the suspension down. Daniel gets to return to school today. The suspension was given because the teacher and all administrators involved took the school's policy prohibiting "sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures" on school-issued computers to an insane extreme. It. Was. A. Wallpaper.

If teachers today saw some of the stuff I drew on folders and book covers as a kid, I'm not sure I would have ever graduated.