Stop the Presses: A Congressman Just Did What He Promised Voters He Would Do

At this moment -- 10:37 a.m. EST -- the House is considering the Brat Amendment to H.R. 6, a bill which would fund the National Institute of Health and the Federal Drug Administration and has one of those precious titles implying that big government can indeed -- and in this case, literally -- fix what ails you: the "21st Century Cures Act."

Most media reported Dave Brat's election as primarily being due to his stance on immigration. Yet while on the stump in Virginia's 7th, Brat said that citizens actually responded most fervently to his promise to lead a full frontal assault on the national debt.

Brat was a full professor of Economics at Randolph-Macon -- he mentions Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan's point man on the economy, as his greatest influence.

For a body that deliberates over the greatest collection of wealth in human history, you would expect a few more economists would fill its roster. But shockingly -- or not at all, Washington being Washington -- Dave Brat is the only Economics Ph.D. in either the House or Senate, let alone the only Econ professor. (Brat was as surprised as I was to discover that, prior to his election. I had been researching something else, came across that fact, and asked if he was aware no one had been elected with an Econ Ph.D. since Phil Gramm. It's just Brat now, yet Paul Ryan continues in his role as the supposed premier GOP voice on budgetary issues.)

Brat's amendment has nothing to do with the bill's intent -- only with the bill being proffered with Washington's favorite funding method, "autopilot," wherein your tax money is spent automatically without future Congressional review or public notice. In practice, this surmounts to Taxation without Representation, as "autopilot" is not an entity Constitutionally qualified to hold office nor even an experimental Facebook gender identification option.

Brat gave the following speech (click to the next page) this morning. You'll notice that it differs from the typical Floor speech in that it makes sense to adults who manage budgets, and that it treats Virginia's 7th like citizens, not as Pinterest "likes"...