Stop the Farm Bill: FDR's Socialist Structure Still Violating Farmers

The Hornes were not able to get a ruling on the substantive merits of their claim. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the government’s actions against the Hornes, but refused to consider their takings claim, saying it did not have jurisdiction. The Supreme Court disagreed, so the case will go back down to the Ninth Circuit where the court will look at the Fifth Amendment issue.

The real point here is the violation of some of our most fundamental principles of private property and economic liberty, violations here represented by the California Raisin Marketing Order and the entire structure of agricultural controls explicit in federal laws and regulations.

These are continued unchanged in the current farm bill.

The Hornes, along with many other raisin farmers with whom they do business, simply want to raise and sell their raisins without government interference, unnecessary controls, or regulatory confiscation. It is about time we started to take apart the 1930s socialist agricultural system that should never have been implemented in the first place. Certainly, it should not be continued by Congress.