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Sticks Hicks Nix . . . ?

One of the country's greatest headlines ever appeared in Variety back in 1935, when the good folks of New Rochelle (then out in the boonies but only forty-five minutes from Broadway) did not much care for a new motion picture. The headline was, "Sticks Hicks Nix Pix."

On October 14th, "Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said on a liberal podcast she'll be actively courting the 'hick' vote in 2012, a comment made in jest that could come back to haunt her nascent campaign."

Is "hick" a term of disparagement? Do "hicks" get a joke coming from a librul politician? Will Ms. Warren go on stage to sing "Only forty-five minutes from Broadway?" Will former President Clinton accompany her on the saxophone?

We need answers to these important questions immediately.