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Stephen Glass, Redux? ThinkProgress.org Publishes Completely Fraudulent Video Labeling Tea Partiers Racists

Activist 3 is a little more perplexing. I’m not sure what he means by “Afro-Leninism.” Possibly, it is a reference to the 20 years Barack Obama spent as an eager congregant at Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church, which preaches a racist Marxist liberation theology. But I don't know, and objectively, neither does Think Progress. No intellectually honest person could make the claim that Activist 3 is a racist from his video.

Activist 4?

He is the reason the original 53-second Think Progress video has shrunk down to an even more anemic 50 seconds.

His brief -- inarguably racist -- shout of “Go home wetbacks!” is provably a video from 2006.

Years before the tea party existed.

To their credit, Think Progress eventually took down Activist 4’s information.

The remainder of the Think Progress video included several still photos that are intended to provide weak evidence of racism. But once again, the pictures include progressives captured (poorly) masquerading as tea party protesters. These pictures are undeniably of participants of the farcical “Crash the Tea Party” attempt on Boston Common.

Think Progress has committed blatant -- and easily falsifiable -- fraud. They’ve misrepresented the views of good and decent people.

Painting the father of a multi-racial family as a bigot by twisting his words? Despicable.

Presenting liberal agent provocateurs as real and reprehensible members of a group they intend to undermine by any means necessary? Using video they undoubtedly know proves their contentions false when viewed in its entirety?


Reality would not provide them with the propaganda they sought to exploit for their own political gain. So they invented it.

Real journalists would be fired on the spot for this behavior. The willful perversion of the SharpElbows.net video should end careers.

According to Think Progress' “About Us” page, Faiz Shakir is vice president at the Center for American Progress and serves as editor-in-chief of ThinkProgress.org. He sets the standards for this group.

Lee Fang, the Think Progress “researcher” that bylines this video, has interned with a similar propaganda site named Media Matters.

In just 53 seconds, they’ve created propaganda so blatantly dishonest as to make their termination mandatory. They’ve abused their readers, and their opponents.

But perhaps that is what they are paid to do.