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State Budget Battles Herald the Return of the Grown-Ups

When candidate Hillary Clinton jabbed that Obama would have to “learn on the job,” she had no idea what an understatement that was. Obama’s real task was to grow up while on the job as president.

Well, the adolescent president of the adolescent fainters and fawners spent nearly his first two years playing pat-a-cake with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and high-fiving it in the Oval Office with Rahm and Axelrod. As they giddily pushed an already ailing economy further and further towards the cliff’s edge, this trio of out-of-control, head-in-the-clouds adolescents mocked and ignored the rising Tea Party. They passed their “big f***ing deal” ObamaCare in adolescent vainglory and awoke the citizenry from their chanting, drugged-up state.

Even now that sober-minded voters have put a set of brakes on Obama’s little socialist dune buggy, our adolescent in chief has quickly abandoned his Clinton mask for the more tantalizing delights of spending other people’s money.

Enter Governor Scott Walker and his fellow adults.

No, 2012 will look nothing like 2008.

At this point, I could not care less which Republican runs against our adolescent president.  As long as that person is a grown-up with a grown-up’s perspective on the presidency and has demonstrable experience to that effect, he or she will get my vote.

So, here’s my help-wanted ad for the next president of the United States of America:

Seeking the Anti-Celebrity. Despite the current president’s self-adulating love of a camera’s glow, this position requires a person willing to forgo talk-show gabfests in favor of long hours, hard work, and tough decision-making. Hollywood-celeb support and vast numbers of Facebook followers and fawning Twitter-tweeters will not serve as any applicant’s substitute for a fact-checked resume. Any applicant who inspires female fainting spells, mindless chanting, or banana-republic iconography will be immediately disqualified.

Executive Budget Experience Is Non-negotiable. The applicant for this position must demonstrate that he has (a) earned his own money, preferably in either his own business or profession, with at least some of his work experience not in the public sector, and (b) balanced his own family budget and not lived above his means on credit cards. The applicant will enhance his chances for hire with government experience at the local and state levels and a demonstrated background producing balanced budgets in an executive position.

Any governor who has successfully brought his state back from the brink of bankruptcy will move immediately to the front of the candidates’ queue.

Knowledge of the Foreign Policy/Money Connection a Definite Plus. A candidate for this position must demonstrate that he/she understands how a nation’s debtor status and trade imbalances weaken national security. A willingness to withhold aid to foreign nations who work against American interests is paramount.

Keen Awareness of the Economic/Energy Nexus a Double-Bonus. A demonstrated willingness to drill here and now will be a definite enhancement to the applicant’s prospects for hire. Americans no longer wish to be held hostage to every burp and belch in the OPEC world. Nor do they want to see their food prices inflate on that ethereal butterfly of ethanol.

And, finally, only genuine grown-ups need apply.