It's Time to Put the Political Axes Down

Is it even possible to level with each other anymore? Are we so polarized by politics that we can’t agree on anything?

America is in real trouble and rather than face our problems as adults, we’ve turned into something from Lord of the Flies. If Americans don’t put the political battle axes down and realize we’re being poked and prodded to fight each other, then every argument won will be for nothing. It’s time for us to address our mutual problems before they’re irreversible. (This is assuming you consider the destruction of capitalism, free markets, and our currency a problem and not a goal.)

So let's address those problems one at a time:

1. Spending. Our country is spending itself into oblivion. At some point, common sense and context have to be considered to be able to prevent economics, statistics, and accounting from being abused by politics. And when someone is wrong, it shouldn’t be covered up with “creative” accounting or pushed “off the books.”

Let's look at health care reform. Depending on which political camp you ask, health care legislation is either going to add to the deficit or be deficit neutral. That’s around a trillion dollar discrepancy. That’s how much math is now being tortured by politics.

The fact that we’re even considering what will amount to universal health care shows just how far off our foundation this country has been pushed with lies and deception. Our current entitlement liabilities have been taken off the books and equal over 106 trillion dollars in what’s called “unfunded liabilities.” This has been done so the American public can’t see how devastating “free” candy and lollipops are when politicians peddle promises every election cycle.

It’s easy to blame Democrats for their creative accounting, but the Republican Congress wasn’t much different in terms of their out of control spending. This is not a party problem; this is a problem of an entrenched political class. Term limits, term limits, term limits.

2. Government Corruption. Is anyone on the political left concerned not just with the massive, unread, outrageously expensive pieces of legislation being sent through Congress, but also with the fact that our representative government has turned into a rogue entity?

Was the Patriot Act only egregious because it was passed under a Republican? Where are all the people screaming about our rights now? Does selling out freedom matter less when it’s your own team who’s taking them away?

If conservatives are the sacrificial lambs now, at what point will government cross another group’s threshold of tolerance? The tea party/conservative movement isn’t about Democrats or “hating a black man in office.” It’s about conservatives being sick of government corruption on both sides of politics.

3. Energy. Energy independence is a part of a peaceful strategy to combat economic and military warfare on our country. It’s also a cornerstone to maintaining our sovereignty. This concern resides on both sides of our politics. So what’s the problem?

It’s hard to say. Some believe America is sitting on a wealth of fuel sources from shale oil, natural gas, coal, and crude oil. Many also believe that the global “oil shortage” is just a sham. Researchers in the natural gas industry believe we are sitting on a massive amount of untapped energy.

Others believe the world is approaching "peak oil" and that worldwide petroleum sources are now approaching depletion. Check out this page from American Shale Oil, LLC; they’re promoting shale oil as a viable alternative after peak oil.