Spreading Fear And Despondency

Talking about Romney already having lost – what, a week after the nomination?  Really? – only makes the libertarians say, “Oh, I won’t soil myself with voting for him, then.  I’ll vote for Gary Johnson.”  It makes the social conservatives say, “I’ll stay home and pray for the country.”  It makes the doom and gloom crowd say, “I won’t vote.  I’ll buy ammo and be ready to fight the civil war.”

Yeah, praying and arming yourselves won’t ever hurt (talk of civil war might), but deciding not to vote on the basis of skewed polls and smarmy Journolist spin is just stupid.  And amplifying and giving credence to the MSM spin when you KNOW the polls are beyond flawed and that the Justice Department has its jackboots into the pollsters is criminal.  Yes, criminal.  It’s spreading fear and despondency.

Do you feel scared at times?  Do you wonder if we’ve gone too far?  Do you wonder if we can’t win?  Everyone does.  Do you not want to delude yourselves?  No one does.

But we already have a disadvantage in not having a dedicated media.  MUST you amplify the media?  What is the point of fear and despondency but to make our side give up?

The signs are against the polls.  The very success of the 2016 documentary is against the polls.  The registration momentum is against the polls.

Is America going to go back after Obama because he gave a speech?  Oh, for heaven’s sake, even the MSM admitted it wasn’t a good speech.  That’s why they played on Clinton extensively.

I live in a red area in the middle of a blue area.  Four years ago you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing Obama’s signs everywhere.  Now there are two in the entire neighborhood.  Are there Romney signs?  Well, no.  But there aren’t Romney signs at my house either.  I have cars and outdoor cats.  Vandals always strike Republican signs.  It’s who they are.  However there are a lot of signs for the local republican candidate to city council.  Perhaps I’m stupid in reading these as proxies, but I don’t think so.

They’re not enthusiastic.  They’ve got nothing.  Nothing except propaganda.  Amplifying the propaganda will make them enthusiastic again.  It will destroy turnout and interest on our side, too.  Is that what you want?

And don’t you talk to me about another chance in 2016.  You have no idea what you’re talking about.  No, we’re not Argentina.  No, we’re not Greece.  We don’t have a bigger, healthier economy to prop us up when we fall.  When we fall, civilization goes down for the count with us.  It’s not another partisan contest.  Yes, it’s that important.  When you aid and abet the other side you’re slipping a knife between the ribs of civilization.

So stop freaking out already.  Go on the attack.  Analyze the internals on the polls.  Then point out how DESPERATE the other side has to be to game polls this way.

More importantly, though, keep your mood up.  This making up of polls is the last effort of a dying ideology.  It’s ALL they have, and it’s transparent.  Make fun of them.  Make fun of their “belonging to the government.”  Make fun of their “summer of recovery”; make fun of their wanting no choice in ANYTHING but abortion.

If you’re depressed, take a walk, talk to a friend, go read a book, but do not sit down and write to spread fear and despondency. If we lose, it’s not Romney who is to blame: it’s you, who amplified the message from the other side and spread despondency among uncertainly attached voters.

And then stop seeing ghosts.  Stop jumping at the sight of propaganda posters.  Obama is only DRAWN heroic.  In fact he’s a little, tiny man. If we can’t defeat Obama, we might as well pack up Western civilization.  It is done.

I don’t think it is done.  I don’t believe we are done.  I’m not ready to lie down and die.  I don’t think Obama is surging – unless you make him.  So, stop doing that.  Like the recovery which has been touted for three years and which the first time around was all over every paper, Obama’s surge is a mirage.

The great and powerful Oz is a little man behind a curtain.  Obama is worse than that.  He’s the little man who wasn’t there.  A creation of the media and propaganda.  There’s nothing there.  Stop shaking in your boots and pull back the curtain.