Speaking Volumes: AIPAC Silent on ... Chuck Hagel?

George W. Bush only received 24% of the Jewish vote in 2004. Did this cause him to waver in his support for Israel? Of course not. According to Dennis Prager:

George W. Bush had conviction. And one conviction was, no matter how much the Jews dumped on him -- and Jews did -- there was never the slightest fear that he would abandon Israel.

This clearly cannot be said about Obama, and AIPAC knows that.

Free of any electoral pressure now that he is in his second term, Obama is finally showing his true colors. In his first term -- though there were plenty of indications of his hostility towards Israel, including his public shaming of Netanyahu and criticism of the “settlements” -- he still did much of what AIPAC wanted. He claimed that containment was not an option with regards to Iranian nukes and that “all options were on the table”; he also vetoed anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations.

Now, Obama’s true agenda is emerging -- one that appeases Iran and does not value the America-Israel relationship.