Sources Confirm: Ohio Al-Shabaab Jihadist Killed in Somalia

Ferenchik did, however, acknowledge Al-Shabaab activity in the Columbus area, saying: “An indictment in Minnesota said that someone from Columbus is an unindicted conspirator who helped one of those charged in collecting money and forwarding it to Al-Shabaab.” The Columbus Dispatch was quick to downplay the story of local terrorist activity in an article published last month.

I have been reporting on the nationwide problem of Al-Shabaab fundraising and recruiting activity in the U.S. here at PJM since December 2007 -- nearly a year before reports of Somali youths from Minneapolis leaving for jihad became national news. And while we continued with our coverage of the problem, the Columbus Dispatch assured readers that central Ohio did not have a terrorism problem. One December 2008 Dispatch story said:

FBI agents in Ohio have contacted the Columbus Somali community and have no knowledge of local terrorism links, said Michael Brooks, special agent with the FBI's Cincinnati division.

Both the FBI and the Columbus Dispatch apparently forgot, or chose to ignore, that more than a year ago Columbus Somali community leader Nuradin Abdi had been convicted for his role in a Columbus al-Qaeda cell and for lying to authorities.

If past experience is any indicator, Dahir Gurey’s death fighting for Al-Shabaab will receive scant, if any, attention from local or state media.