Sotomayor Gets a Free Ride in the Senate

To be certain everyone understood the way things were going to work, Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) also spoke to reporters on June 9 and said “[he expected] that [Sotomayor] would be confirmed with pretty good numbers." And why does Martinez think Sotomayor will be so easily confirmed? Because he believes “there is no evidence that [the] sentiment [of Sotomayor’s] ‘wise Latina comments’…[have] influenced her judicial decisions.” This assertion is so far out of touch with reality that it makes me wonder whether Martinez has even taken the time to the read the text of Sotomayor’s Berkeley speech. For if he had, he would have seen that she sets herself against those who seek color and gender-blind judicial decisions via her confession that “by ignoring our differences as women or men of color we do a disservice both to the law and society.”

And because Martinez, McCain, and the weak Michael Steele still don’t get it, let me add that Sotomayor also assured the Berkeley crowd that “our experiences as women and people of color affect our decisions,” right after telling them she concurred with the position that “there is no objective stance” regarding judgments. If Republicans lack the courage to stand against such an obvious threat to the rule of law as personified in this nominee, how can we ever expect to turn the tide of leftism we are currently facing?

Sadly, the only tide that appears to be turning is that on the part of Republicans who had the gall to stand against Sotomayor’s nomination from the start. For example, Senator Sessions went from seeing Sotomayor’s statements as “troubling” to assuring the public “he wouldn't support any attempt to block a final vote on [her] confirmation and didn't foresee any other Republican doing so” on July 13.

Where is the courage to be free? Where is the courage to stand up for the Constitution by standing against avowed enemies of the rule of law? The Democrats haven’t had such courage for decades, and if the Republicans are now devoid of it our future is bleak indeed.