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Some Good News on the Death of Osama Bin Laden

6. American foreign policy wonks might conceivably begin to figure out that Pakistan, which clearly furnished protection and resources to Osama, is not a reliable ally, or indeed is no ally at all. The administration would hypothetically arrive at an understanding of how the real world works and in the process save itself billions of dollars in wasted subsidies to the Pakistani government. It may also feel the need to reassess its entire Middle East policy and its misguided outreach to the Muslim umma, which come at the cost of blood, treasure, and increased Islamic misprision. Admittedly, though, this is a very slender hope.

7. Hollywood directors and thespians may find it necessary to revise their fashionable sentiments and production agenda, and reconsider their lockstep tendency to cast America as the villain of the piece. They might at long last produce a few believable movies. Perhaps they will now take seriously Viktor Frankl’s recommendation that the Statue of Liberty on the east coast should be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the west coast.

These are only some of the potential benefits that leap to mind as a result of Osama bin Laden’s belated erasure. Doubtless, there are others. But it’s a start.