Socialized Medicine: A Warning from Across the Pond

Another report shows that one emergency department in a Staffordshire hospital let approximately 400 people die unnecessarily due to poor care. In response to this poor treatment, "[Prime Minister] Gordon Brown has apologized in the House of Commons for the failings of a hospital described as 'appalling' by an NHS watchdog."

Does an apology bring back your loved ones? What has been done to improve this hospital subsequent to the report?

Socialized medicine often means mediocre and late service. The patient does not get to choose the physician, the hospital, care plan, or timing of the operation or procedure. In Britain, that means relinquishing control and putting your health at the mercy of a system with a zip code lottery. Some Hospital Trusts have more money than others, but on the whole drugs are rationed, waiting lists are too long, and when things do go wrong you have to fight a bureaucratic machine that can take years and lots of your cash to prove medical negligence.

The problem is that the NHS has promised lifelong care. You pay with taxes and you get looked after "no matter the cost." However, nothing is that straightforward, and they are constantly changing the rules. As they cut back and ration drugs as well as nursing care, they also insist that your property will be sold to pay for your nursing home costs.

Of course "free" health care sounds appealing, but it can cost you your life.