So...when does a Weiner staffer get the axe?

That's where Weinergate is headed, right? Some Weiner staffer is going to take the fall, the main question is "When?"

Here's why I think that's where this is headed. On Friday night Rep. Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat, deletes the lewd tweet within minutes of it happening -- and after about 3.5 hours of public silence -- and declares that he has been "hacked." Thiry-six hours later the recipient of the offending tweet puts out a statement refuting a bevy of accusations no one had actually made, and on Sunday Weiner (through his staff) calls the tweet a "prank" but brushes off questions regarding whether there has been any contact between Weiner and the woman. Thirty-six hours is plenty of time for Weiner and the tweet recipient to get their stories aligned via direct messages or some other means, should they have any reason or need to do that. And then there's this, from Politico's story Sunday:

Weiner’s office did not answer specific questions about the photograph, whether he has contacted authorities or the Seattle woman who received the photograph. He has said that his Facebook was hacked and if his Twitter had the same password, that too could be vulnerable.

Weiner isn't even saying that his twitter account was hacked anymore. He is only suggesting that it could have been hacked. Well, duh. That's true of every single twitter account on earth. This is a pretty significant shift from Friday, when Weiner claimed he'd been hacked and even saluted "Mr. Moriarty" for getting one over on him. That little salute also made Weiner the most incurious Sherlock Holmes ever, by the way: There is no active police investigation of the alleged hacking.