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So, Seriously, How Did Harry Reid Get So Rich?

This isn't another tongue-in-cheek post about Sen. Harry Reid's baseless allegation against Mitt Romney. It's a serious question: Just how did Sen. Reid get so rich?

As a senator and the majority leader in the Senate, Reid pulls down a salary of $193,400 per year. According to the latest data from Opensecrets.org, which is from 2010, Reid has assets totalling $10,360,000.

How does this happen? And seriously, why hasn't he released his tax returns?

Did Harry Reid take advantage of the insider trading knowledge that was only available to members of Congress, but not legally available to the rest of us? Is that what he did? He certainly has a number of large index funds among his assets, while 80% of his money is in real estate investments.


Reid: Mitch Is Responsible for High Unemployment