So Can We Have Our SUVs Back Now?

Just think of it: Every SUV traded in during that program was destroyed in the name of saving the environment, yet there was no proof that destroying those vehicles helped the environment in any way. There were, however, arguments that the program actually hurt the environment. And even one left-of-center news outlet, CBS News, contended that by diminishing the available pool of used cars via the destruction of trade-ins, “cash for clunkers” actually hurt the poor by raising the “the [price] of [remaining] used vehicles.”

And just think -- this new hardship on the poor came from a guy who spent 2008 campaigning on “hope and change” and “spread the wealth.” But there’s no real surprise in this. The Democrats have been keeping the poor down ever since Lyndon Baines Johnson launched his “War on Poverty” during the Vietnam War.

It’s also no surprise that Obama continues pushing his environmental agenda in the face of Climategate (although he seems unsure about what his own agenda might be). For example, he’s simultaneously pushing stricter greenhouse gas regulations and expanding U.S. offshore drilling. In the end we must simply remember that his policies, no matter how convoluted, won’t really be about saving the environment as much as they’ll be about controlling every aspect of our lives

Thus, in light of the demonstrable farce that is AGW, I dare ask one question: can we stop with the war against SUVs now?