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Slate Blogger Matt Yglesias Compares Mitt Romney to Hitler

Matt Yglesias is among the Slate bloggers who came to the publication by way of far left blogs. In Yglesias' case, Slate hired him from the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress' online cesspool Think Progress.

On Sunday, young Master Yglesias beclowned himself with this tweet:

The link he tweeted goes to this story, about Adolf Hitler. Democrats have been taking the Obama campaign's marching orders and attacking Mitt Romney lately for having a...wait for it...Swiss bank account.

Yglesias tried to play off his tweet as a joke. Because comparing people to Hitler is soooo funny.

If his tweet was funny, then this is muuuch funnier.

I'm obviously joking. Har har.

The Nazi-stache suits Yglesias better than it would Mitt Romney, who has no connection to Nazism at all. Yglesias worked for the George Soros operation, and Soros is notorious for being unrepentant about having collaborated with the Nazis when he was a teenager.