Six Months of B.O.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton and Janet Napolitano vie for the “Emptiest and Least Attractive Pantsuit in a Color Not Found on this Planet” title and Eric Holder peeks one eye out from under the blindfold of the B.O. Justice Department as he deals the race-card from the bottom of the stacked deck he picked up at the Black Panthers gift shop.

Thank God that most of the B.O. nepotism has been bestowed upon Chicagoland affirmative action non-entities that haven’t even figured out how to get into the news cycle yet.

It is no surprise then that Barry and The Underachievers have bollixed up both American domestic and foreign policy. Despite a near-trillion dollar stimulus plan hyped by the world’s least effective car salesman, the American economy founders along on two cylinders. Americans continue to look anxiously in the rear-view mirror to see if the promise from our national head of human resources to “save or create 3 to 4 million jobs by 2010” is going to pan out. So far, I count three or four jobs saved for Black Panthers let off the hook and perhaps a hundred thousand UAW jobs rescued by flushing the future of Chrysler and GM down the toilet. I’m sure it won’t be long before thousands of windmill propeller technicians and solar panel sunscreen applicators begin to beef up Obama’s highly touted green jobs numbers.

On the foreign policy front, Barry’s world apologia tour has taken a hiatus after bowing and scraping before a vile collection of despots once considered America’s worst enemies. And that’s just counting the Democrat committee chairpersons in Congress. B.O. continues to try to make silk purses out of the sows’ ears that lead the world’s totalitarian states. From fizzle-king Kim-Jong-Il and Mahmoud Ahmedinajad (the only world leaders wearing Members Only jackets), to the loony leftists of the new Latin America, Barely the President wants to chat with them all and start a “Take a Dictator to Work” program. In just six short months, B.O. has joined Hugo Chavez’s Stalinist Book of the Month Club, weaseled onto both sides of the Iranian elections and ensuing demonstrations (while somehow managing to look wrong on each side), and joined Chavez, Danny Ortega, and the Castro brothers in assailing the results of due process and democracy in Honduras. His Department of State is weaker than circus lemonade, with the entire B.O. foreign policy apparatus looking as though it were crafted by a United Nations peace-keeping mission on ecstasy.

When Barack Obama came into office, he seemed like the captain of the Love Boat. A mere six months of B.O., and it’s beginning to feel more like the Hate Boat. With another six months of irresponsible fiscal policy and voracious spending coupled with Obama’s weak-kneed and sophomoric approach to foreign relations, we might be sunk.