Six Months of B.O.

As much as Bill Clinton’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to Islamofascism revolted conservatives, and as thoroughly as the leftist nutbag brigade continues to bash the equine carcass that remains of Bush and Cheney, you’ve got to admit that compared to life under the Obama administration, the Clinton/Bush years were the “good ol’ days.”

Remember when you could take the family out for dinner once in a while and you had a place to go every weekday morning called “a job”? Remember when your wife could watch her soaps during the daytime and your primetime TV wasn’t regularly hijacked by Teleprompter Obie delivering his latest desperate pitch to the remedial reading class that Congress has become?

These mopes don’t even bother to pretend to read the confiscatory legislation cooked up by their staffers and the lobbyists attached to them at the wrist and ankle. Listening to Henry Waxman (D-Lusus Naturae) placating the Algorian lemmings on cap and trade or lip-synching Obama’s health care rationing anthem while admitting the absurdity of trying to read these legislative boondoggles reminds me of Woody Allen’s character in Annie Hall:

I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in 20 minutes. It involves Russia.

Unfortunately, the rest of Obama’s agenda seems to be about Russia as well. Barackski has already empowered more czars than the Romanovs and has just broomed the auto czar who helped broker the government-assisted bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler. I guess (hat tip to comic Bob Zany) Obama just loves that new czar smell.

America’s Chicagobarry has actually placed the means of production in the hands of the gettelfingered proletariat: “Workers of the World, please provide an annual statement for the other primary shareholder -- Uncle Barack.” Before long Obamski will be rolling out five-year-plans for the remaining industries he plans to nationalize and will be embarking on a whole new round of TV tub-thumping that should have Billy Mays rolling in his grave.

It would be different if Obama had actually hired a capable hand or two to help around the White House. You would think that by accident he might have made at least one good hiring decision. Remember when they called the staff assembled by JFK “the best and brightest”? The Obama squad is the least and the slightest. While simpering Tim Geithner at Treasury makes Eddie Haskell look forthcoming and sincere, Vice President Joe Biden continues to make Dan Quayle look like Stephen Hawking. Did they even bother to fill in those holes that the hair club for gasbags drilled in Biden’s head?