Silent Support: Unpolled Spanish Speakers May Have Romney Up in Florida

I put the question of polling in Spanish to Doug Kaplan of Gravis Marketing, whose recent Florida poll had Romney ahead by a margin of 48% to 47%. Kaplan:

That is not how we have polled previously; we have only polled in English.

Similarly I reached out to PPP and have not received a reply. I suspect their answer would be similar to that of Gravis Marketing. To be fair, Kaplan said he was open to running such a poll. But the fact remains that a substantial portion of Florida voters with conservative tendencies are not currently being counted by the major polls.

The PPP poll can be instructional to the Romney campaign in that it shows Florida voters have developed a great appreciation for Senator Marco Rubio, who received a bounce from the GOP convention even if Romney himself didn’t. He currently enjoys job approval from 51% of Floridians sampled: 52% among women, and 54% among Hispanics. He is probably even more popular among Spanish-preferring Hispanics not captured in the poll. Fully bilingual and the son of a bartender, Rubio is the perfect surrogate to reach such voters, and Romney should use him often in Spanish-language advertising and press opportunities.

There are good reasons to believe that Governor Romney is actually leading Obama in Florida thanks to conservative Hispanic voters who tend to speak only or mostly Spanish, and a sure way to appeal to all Hispanics is with a message of entrepreneurship, opportunity, and family.