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Ask Dr. Helen: Should Prince William Wear a Wedding Ring?

I have to say: I am personally torn. On one hand I can see wearing a wedding ring as a symbol of commitment and love, but on the other I agree with the male panelist at the BBC who said it was "all about women's lib." Just as women used to think they were seen as possessions of men (which may or may not have been true), men are now seen as indentured servants who exist to serve women's needs and desires.

I can understand not wanting to wear a ring; they are inconvenient, and for people who don't like jewelry, a real pain. Or William may feel that traditionally men did not wear rings, and he likes this tradition. Who knows? As one of the panelists above at the BBC said: "It's his personal decision." If a woman didn't want to wear a ring, my guess is everyone would say: "You go, girl!" -- just as they would if the woman did not want to take her husband's name. That was tradition, so women decided to break it.

So can William. "You go, boy," and don't let anyone tell you how to live your life or interfere in your marriage, even if you are the potential king of England.

What do you readers think: ring or no ring? Do you wear one or not?