Should Men Get Married?

My a href=""PJM column is up:/abr /br /blockquoteIf PJM’s advice columnist Dr. Helen Smith ever doubted that the institution of marriage was getting to be an increasingly risky and expensive proposition for men - her readers have certainly educated her, forcing her to think carefully about whether or not to advise them to head to the altar./blockquotebr /br /Much of the column is about a new book by professor Stephen Baskerville entitled, a href=""Taken into Custody: The War Against Fatherhood, Marriage, and the Family./aimg src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" / The book is an important one and brings to light some of the difficulties men are having with the current family court system. It is worth a read for those of you who want to know more about the ins and outs of the family court system's bias towards men (and some women). br /br /Anyway, take a a href=""look at my column/a to learn more.