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Shock Poll (If You're a Gun-Grabber): Majority of Americans Say Having a Gun in the Home Makes It Safer

How...how how how how how will President Obama and his allies spin this?

A Washington Post-ABC News poll -- not a Rasmussen or some Rove outfit, but the Post and an alphabet network -- finds that by a wide margin, more Americans believe that having a gun in the home makes it safer than not. It's not even close. A majority -- 51% -- believe that having a gun in the home makes that home safer. Only 29% believe the opposite.

Moreover, the trend favors the guns. In a 2000 Gallup poll, the numbers were flipped, with 51% believing guns in the home made them less safe, while on 35% took what's now the majority view.

For all the pouting and griping that Obama did after the Senate killed his gun bill, these numbers help explain what really happened. It wasn't the "gun lobby" that killed that bill, but ordinary Americans. We did it.

Americans for the win, Obama, Cuomo and Bloomberg for the defeat.

h/t AWR Hawkins