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Sherrod Brown Doubles Down on His Godwin's Law Campaign Strategy

A recent addition to Brown’s team of useful idiots is Pro Publica, another left-leaning organization masquerading as an independent fact-checker. Bernard Goldberg describes it this way:

Despite the fact that Pro Publica has won two Pulitzer Prizes, it isn’t simply a journalist organization; it has a political agenda – a distinctly liberal one which is funded by liberal money bags....Pro Publica may do outstanding reporting but only when it fits its liberal agenda.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for Pro Publica to go after progressives and liberal Democrats – unless. perhaps, if they’re not progressive enough.

Their tactic on Brown’s behalf in this case  is to imply sinister activities behind what they call “dark money” funding campaign ads supporting Mandel. They are not alleging that anything illegal is occurring. They just don’t like Citizens United in general and they’re taking the opportunity to investigate and castigate a conservative candidate—killing two birds with one stone. No such rectal exam is expected to be performed to discover the source of any “dark money” spent on Sherrod Brown’s behalf. But Brown didn't miss a beat, joining MSNBC's attack dog Ed Schultz to rant conspiratorially about Josh Mandel's "dark money" and the "$17 million being spent against him by the Koch Brothers."

Brown, who is to the left of Patty Murray and Chuck Schumer on the liberal scale, is desperate to keep his seat. Though the Real Clear Politics average has him at +7, the polling has been inconsistent and Mandel has closed the double-digit lead Brown had enjoyed earlier in the year. Brown constantly whines and moans about SuperPAC money being spent against him in this race. Yet the Sunlight Foundation reports that outside spending against Brown is tiny compared to the amount being unleashed against Mandel (a mere $2.2 million against Brown vs. $4.2 million against Mandel). And Brown’s campaign has outraised Mandel’s, $15 million to $9.9 million, giving him the clear money advantage. But pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Pay attention to the straw man he’s building.

A quick perusal of Brown’s website will give you an idea of how invested his campaign is in this strategy of painting Mandel as a liar. On the front page alone:

“Can’t be trusted”

“Liar, Liar”

“Most Misleading Attack Ad Yet”

Brown even has references to Mandel’s alleged lying on the page with his Rosh Hashanah greeting. Directly below it is a link to the “Liar, Liar” ad.

Brown is clearly not in the business of defending his record on Obamacare these days. His constant prattling about the auto bailouts that benefited his union buddies in Ohio grows old, and his Chevy Cruz commercial is nothing more than a cheap trick that wasn’t even factually correct. He’s even desperately trying to work out a deal (read: political stunt) to have Tim Geithner administer pensions for the Delphi workers he threw under the bus in the GM bailout—after pouting and sputtering for weeks about Josh Mandel saying it was un-American.

The only strategy Brown has left is the imaginary “Big Lie.” Enter: “Josh Mandel is Lying,” paid for by Brown’s campaign. It’s an entire website dedicated to perpetuating the myth (first perpetuated by the Plain Dealer’s PolitiFact) that Mandel is not truthful. How much lower is the senator going to go before November, especially if the polls begin to turn against him?

Sherrod Brown is an embarrassment to the state of Ohio and the U.S. Senate, not only for his race to the bottom in this campaign, but for his solidarity with the failed policies of Barack Obama. We cannot hand him the keys to his Senate office again in January. Ohio voters... take the man's keys away before he does more harm!