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'She Dodges an Answer on Everything': Dems Vent Hillary Frustrations

While Hillary Clinton continues to raise significant amounts of money from donors for her presidential bid, some Democrats have decided not to jump on board.

Voters told PJ Media they are supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) over Clinton, calling the former secretary of State the “Wall Street candidate” they do not trust.

“I definitely support Sen. Sanders over Hillary Clinton. For me, the largest issues are trust and, I guess, economics. Hillary Clinton’s stance doesn’t seem to be easy to hold down on any of these issues, any of these mainstream American issues, and I think economics is a key mainstream American issue we can all rally around,” said a Democratic voter who attended an Arlington public policy forum that included Sanders.

“Whenever asked any, even slightly controversial question, Hillary Clinton will constantly vacillate on it. She dodges an answer on almost everything.”

When compared to Clinton, another Democrat said Sanders is “talking straight about what’s needed.”

“My perception is he doesn’t need to test his policy positions or what he stands for before he says something and I find that trustworthy,” she told PJ Media.

A Northern Virginia Democratic voter said Sanders speaks the truth regardless of the subject, contrary to Clinton. He said it is “very hard “ to support Clinton as “the Wall Street candidate.”