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Shame On All Who Stood Silent: Iran Voted In as Member of UN Women's Rights Commission

How could -- or why should -- any woman, whether or not she lives under onerous oppression, have any faith or any trust in the UN, its Commission on the Status of Women, or in its auxiliary organization UNIFEM after this vote?

Western women have no need for the UN Commission to defend their rights. They are not only fully emancipated and empowered, they are living in the free democratic societies that allow them to speak up and live freely. These women know full well that in Iran, the women are suffering.

And yet they’d rather appease the Muslim men than support their Muslim sisters.

Recently, an open letter to the UN secretary general from 51 families of Iranian prisoners of conscience was released. The letter plead with the secretary general to intervene with the Iranian regime’s “holy men of God” for the care of their loved ones trapped in Iranian prisons.

This month, Iran’s “holy men of God’ hung five young people, one of whom was a woman, and have refused to return the bodies to their families. Twenty-one women are now on the list to be hung or stoned to death.

The Iranian “holy men of God” were given authority, by acclamation, to do what they wish to women.

So let us not hear one sanctimonious, self-righteous word about how much our government cares about women’s rights. Shame should overwhelm our leadership and stones should fill their plate.