Sessions Lends His Immigration Cred to Trump Campaign

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) praised Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration plan, saying the American people want a president that defends their interests.

Sessions, who put on a Trump campaign “Make America Great Again” hat at Trump’s Alabama rally, stopped short of a full endorsement but thanked the presidential candidate for his stance on illegal immigration.

“The American people, these people want somebody in the presidency who stands up for them, defend their interest, and the laws and traditions of this country,” Sessions said on stage at a Trump campaign rally in Mobile, Ala., attended by about 30,000 supporters. “We welcome you here. Thank you for the work you have put into the immigration issue. I'm really impressed with your plan. I know it will make a difference and this crowd shows a lot of people agree with that. Congratulations.”

Trump told the Washington Post that he consulted with Sessions in a mid-July phone call on his plan. The senator heads the Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on immigration and is a favorite of tough-on-immigration conservatives.

The senator’s office said at the time that Sessions “enjoyed” his chat with Trump and hoped immigration would be one of the “defining issues” of campaign 2016.

According to Trump’s official campaign website, his immigration plan would require the return of all criminal aliens to their home countries, end federal funding for sanctuary cities, eliminate birthright citizenship and enforce penalties for overstaying a visa.

In his speech before the crowd, Trump called the U.S. a “debtor nation” and vowed to dedicate his “whole being” to make the country rich again, saying his children can successfully run the Trump Organization if he gets elected.

“My son is here, Eric Trump and Ivanka, has anybody ever heard of Ivanka? Has anybody? I’ll let them run it. I’m not going to let them do any big deals, just relax Eric, just relax, but you know what? I won’t care about that company. My whole energy – who cares if we do a building? It doesn’t mean anything. My whole energy, my whole being is going to be to make our country rich and to make our country great again,” Trump said.

“It’s a great aptitude, I’ve always had an aptitude for making money. Some people would say that’s nice. One person said, ‘Mr. Trump, that’s very crass.’ I said, ‘why?’ ‘You said you are going to make the country rich, that’s very crass.’ I said, ‘you have to understand, in order to make our country great, I have to make our country rich again.’ We’re a debtor nation,” he added.

Trump pledged to devote “1,000 percent” to the presidency to help fix a nation that is “running on fumes.”