Climategate: Sensenbrenner Report Challenges EPA Greenhouse Finding (PJM Exclusive)

Dr. Carlin's concerns were suppressed by the EPA. Dr. Al McGartland, head of the EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics, said, forthrightly, that Dr. Carlin's view was not to be published because "[the]administrator and administration has decided to move forward on endangerment, and your comments do not help the legal or policy case for this decision."

That is, Dr. McGartland was saying the decision to issue an endangerment finding had been made at the top of the EPA and counterarguments were unwelcome. Dr. Carlin later found out just how unwelcome his comments had been: he was ordered not to speak about the topic, removed from EPA climate policy committees, and eventually demoted.

This morning's hearing is of a piece with the administration's previous positions.  In fact, the meeting announcement begins with this statement:

Even after months of personal attacks against climate scientists stemming from a manufactured scandal over stolen emails, the underlying science behind the need to stem the tide of heat-trapping emissions remains solid.

It appears that skeptical views of anthropogenic climate change remain unwelcome, at least in certain quarters in Washington.

[Update: Corrected Sensenbrenner's political affiliation, thanks to commenters Jay and BC.]