Senator Suggests Waging ‘Comparable’ Cyber Attack in Response to OPM Hack

“That’s an issue that I take very seriously and that we need to look at across government, of course we see it with the Internet as well. I talk about regulations and the uncertainty and really the discouragement that entrepreneurs face with regulations. That has to change or we won’t be competitive in a global marketplace.”

Fischer expressed frustration that the Senate is not going through an appropriations process in regular order.

“The Appropriations Committee, they are doing their work, they are sending their bills out of committee but we have tried to address one on the floor after we did the National Defense Authorization Act, the next step we took on the agenda was to take up the appropriations bill for the Department of Defense to pay for what we authorized,” she said.

“We were not successful in getting the 60 votes to get on that bill. I believe as Republicans we will be putting that appropriations bill up again to see if we can get on that bill.”