Senator: Past 3 Presidents Took Drugs, So Reform 'Egregious' Drug Sentencing

“So you will see that reverberating through the private sector. The government’s going to have to take the lead from the private sector at times to make the actual manifestation occur,” he said.

Booker praised Scott, who he said faced more challenges growing up.

“We joke a lot about our differences and our backgrounds. The truth is, as my father said when I was an 18-year-old kid, he would look at me in this suburban town in northern New Jersey and he would say to me, ‘boy, don’t walk around this house like you just hit a triple, you were born on third base.’ I was born on third base. This brother had a lot more challenges than I did as a young man,” he said.

Booker said Democrats often talk about the structural problems in America while Republicans talk about the moral issues in the nation.

“Tim [Scott] is a great blend of them both. He’s quick to point out that we can do structural changes,” he said. “But I don’t want to lessen what you [Scott] constantly talk about – our own personal responsibility and not to make excuses.”

Scott encouraged the young people in the audience to write down their goals.

“Every year at the beginning of the year, typically around December of this year, I’ll write my map for 2016. I’ll talk about my successes. I’ll talk about the things I had to overcome and I’ll write a story to myself and I’ll open it on Dec. 31, 2016,” he said. “So if you do that in a 5-year increment, the struggles and challenges for today will probably be the things that prepare you for tomorrow.”