Senator Boxer: Dangerously Ignorant on CO2

More seniors lives will be put at risk from heat waves and severe weather.

Ah, now we see where her head is at and where this letter is really coming from. That statement let the truth sneak out: the argument about carbon dioxide being dangerous to health and equivalent to carbon pollution is a cover, an excuse, and a fabrication to legitimize the environmentalists' attack on carbon dioxide and the companies, utilities, and manufacturing industries that produce it.

The entire letter is a tactical lie.

The spectacularly fact-challenged senator continued:

Let me give you one economic fact: If you can’t breathe you can’t work.


This statement is so absurd I would find this enjoyable if it weren’t so serious an issue. Perhaps the only thing more absurd is that enough people in California voted for her, and that she is in a position to affect policy. The good senator actually believes that a trace gas essential for life on Earth that constitutes only .038% of the atmosphere has the potential to inhibit someone from breathing. Unbelievable.

It gets unfathomably worse. The senator then held up a picture of a little girl on a breathing tube.

Yes, really:

Do you want their future to look like this, breathing through a device? Come on, this is clear.

It certainly is clear: this woman has absolutely no idea what she is talking about. Terribly, profoundly clear.

Some of the business and industries that would be struck hard by the EPA should they be allowed to move forward with regulating CO2 recently took out a full-page ad in several newspapers. Senator Boxer gave some color commentary about the ad’s design:

It looks almost environmental, green. This is not green -- it is dirty, dirty air. That is what this ad stands for -- dirty air.

The remainder of her rant (which you can read here) makes for an amazing read -- it is so thoroughly lacking in any understanding, of absolutely anything factual. She was completely clueless as to what carbon dioxide is -- she kept referring to it as carbon -- and has no idea that the hearing was completely unrelated to carbon air pollution.

And you wonder why people are outraged at what our leaders have given us: a bankrupt, once-great nation now led by uninformed dolts like Barbara Boxer, the EPA, and unscrupulous environmental groups that want to make sure we have no hope of recovering our former greatness.

Her term can’t end soon enough.