Senate Dems Get Irrational During 'Web of Denial' Climate Change Event

Of particular concern to senators was funding from the Koch brothers, who, according to Merkley, gave $88 million since 1997 to groups which opposed climate alarmism.

So what? If the scientific claims made by those funded by Koch prove to be incorrect -- just as many claims have been proven to be that came from groups funded by Ducks Unlimited or by the government -- they will be rejected. The Democrats assume others hire people who say only what they want to hear, just like they do.

Regardless, the amount of funding being funneled to entities which support the climate scare is enormously greater that the amount groups on our side of the debate receive.

For example, the latest Foundation Center report (2010) shows that California-based William and Flora Hewlett Foundation alone donated over a half-billion dollars to climate change programs in 2008. That amount is over one hundred times greater than the Koch’s average annual donation cited by Merkley. And $460,800,000 of that cash went to Climate Works Foundation, which reported about $1.5 billion in revenue between 2008 and 2015.

Are these senators seriously arguing that the miniscule support that climate skeptics receive is somehow an unfair advantage over climate activist revenues of at least an order of magnitude greater?

The Senate “Web of Denial” campaign would be humorous if it did not have such serious ramifications. In the vain hope of stopping trivial changes in climate, Democratic senators want to rapidly switch from coal and other fossil fuels, America’s least expensive and most abundant power sources, to unreliable and expensive alternative sources such as wind and solar power. Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for president, promises the same.

The American people must stop them before it is too late.