Selling Reagan: The Unconscionable Hypocrisy of Ron Paul

Pictures of Reagan scroll. The ubiquitous Political Ad Man Voice says, “Reagan was also called extreme and unelectable.” Pictures of a young Paul with Reagan fill the screen. We are told Paul was one of only four Republican congressmen to endorse Reagan. The lesson concludes:

Rick Perry helped Al Gore’s campaign to undo the Reagan Revolution. Now America must choose who to elect; Al Gore’s Texas Cheerleader or the one who stood with Reagan.

Is this true? Is Ron Paul really “The One Who Stood with Reagan”?

Ron Paul told the late and very great William F. Buckley Jr. on Firing Line in 1987:

 (Libertarians did poorly in the 1984 elections because) it was the height of the Reagan euphoria. We were at the height of the spending and the deficits and everybody believed that prosperity was here forever. I didn't run in 1984 because I thought Reagan would be very popular, but I think that now it’s over and he’s much more exposed and the "conservatism" of the Reagan administration is much more exposed now than in 1984.

It is unconscionable and indicative of malicious duplicity for a man who condemned Reagan’s presidential record to now use this beloved president's image to win votes, claiming that he, Ron Paul, has the solutions Reagan and his Republican followers eschewed.