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See Trump Run (Run, Trump, Run!)

Recently, some of these liberal journalists, like ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, have tried to square this circle by having Trump on, then aggressively trying to rebut his points so as to make his seem like the loon they take him to be. Trouble is -- it’s not working. Trump has a knack of pushing back with maddening confidence and alacrity. And to the horror of the establishment on the left and the right, Trump makes a great deal of sense to a lot of Americans, and not just on the birth certificate issue.

In fact, Donald Trump has provided a more concise and devastating critique of the Obama administration than anyone else in the thin GOP presidential bench. He lambasts the disastrous economic policies which have driven up gas prices, unemployment, and inflation. From someone whose candidacy is supposed to be a joke, it is a remarkably effective approach.

What’s more, Trump laments the loss of U.S. prestige in the world, and connects viscerally when he vows that, if he were elected president, America would be respected again. When he says the Trump doctrine would be “We take care of ourselves first,” he quenches the deep and abiding thirst of countless Americans who have longed to hear such naked, unashamed sentiments from our politicians.

Across the country, the sense has settled in that America is in drastic decline. Trump boldly proclaims that, not only can this downward trajectory be reversed, it should be reversed, and in doing so speaks to the fervent fears and desperate hopes of a vast and terrified electorate.